Dr. Wilson’s Herbal HPA®


Adaptogenic herbs for stress and calming support*

Dr. Wilson quote FINAL“I created licorice-free Herbal HPA to help balance the HPA axis. This herbal combination promotes calm balance and enhances stress resilience and can be used by people who are sensitive to licorice.”* -Dr. James L. Wilson


  • Adaptogenic herbs grown organically or wildcrafted; harvested at peak potency*
  • Full spectrum active constituents optimally extracted and preserved in tincture*
  • Easy-to-use liquid facilitates absorption and utilization*
  • Helps support mood, sleep and endurance*
  • For those with a sensitivity to licorice (not sensitive to licorice? Use Dr. Wilson’s Herbal Adrenal Support Formula)


Your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis manages your body’s stress response while also maintaining physiological balance (homeostasis). This is a biological communication system that uses hormones like cortisol to tell the cells throughout your body what to do in every situation. The 3 adaptogenic herbs in Dr. Wilson’s Herbal HPA are blended synergistically to support the HPA axis and promote stress resistance.*


Expertly formulated by a physician, Dr. Wilson’s Herbal HPA contains only high quality ingredients and are manufactured in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP) to assure purity, potency and quality.

Suggested Use

Take 20 drops in juice or water 2-4 times a day, preferably between meals or on an empty stomach, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

*Note to people sensitive to alcohol: The herbs in this formula are liquid tinctures which are 20% alcohol. This method extracts the highest levels of active plant components for optimal benefit. People who cannot take any alcohol may add the recommended dose to 8 oz. of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes in a pan on low heat to evaporate the alcohol before drinking.

Supplement Facts

Herbal HPA supplement facts


Denise C.:
Your website has been a wonderful resource for adrenal issues. I am trying the Herbal HPA, and am finding this product to help me a lot.