Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal POWER Powder®

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Caffeine-free energy booster for people on the go*

I created Adrenal Power Powder to provide adrenal support and a quick boost of energy without caffeine for busy people experiencing stress.”* -Dr. James L. Wilson

  • Combines select nutrients, adaptogenic herbs and glandular extracts from Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue Protocol® supplements
  • Vitamins for energy, including a hearty B complex*
  • Adaptogenic herbs to support mental and physical stamina*
  • Energy booster without caffeine
  • Flavor tastes great in milk, juice or smoothies (Click here for recipes)


The adrenal glands and the hormones they produce play a significant role in generating and sustaining energy in the body. Adrenal POWER Powder is designed to provide a quick energy booster and targeted adrenal support during times of stress.*


Expertly formulated by a physician, Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Power Powder contains only high quality ingredients and are manufactured in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP) to assure purity, potency and quality.

Suggested Use

Mix or blend ½ scoop of Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal POWER Powder with 8 oz or more of the beverage of your choice. Take once or twice a day as a morning jump start, or as a healthy snack to recharge mid-morning, mid-afternoon, after a workout, or at any other time of the day.* View our recipe ideas

Supplement Facts

Adrenal Power Powder supplement facts


Gary Moller – NZ:
I have been using Dr Wilson’s Adrenal Power Powder as an addition to my Super Smoothie formula for athletes. The combination of the Super Smoothie and Dr Wilson’s Adrenal Power Powder was part and parcel of the programme that led to their success!

Harwell H.:
My husband has been telling all his patients about you Dr. Wilson and getting people your book. We have tons of people getting on Adrenal Power Powder and it’s changing their lives. You have really helped us and now we are helping others. God bless!