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Maintaining Stress Hardiness During Stressful Times

If you are going through a generally stressful time, taking the following products as directed will not only minimize the negative effects of stress on your body but will also help you maintain steady energy and feel less stressed.

Time Adrenal C Formula Super Adrenal Stress Formula Herbal Adrenal Support Formula/Herbal HPA
On Rising 1 caplet 1-2 caplets 10 drops in water or non-citrus juice
Noon Meal 1 caplet 1-2 caplets
2:30 PM
Bedtime 1 caplet 10 drops in water or non-citrus juice

Note for alcohol sensitive people: Herbal Adrenal Support Formula & Herbal HPA are herbal tinctures that contain 25% alcohol. Omit these if you are alcohol sensitive.

Note for people with high blood pressure or sensitivity to licorice: Substitute Herbal HPA for Herbal Adrenal Support Formula.

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