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About Us

Future Formulations, LLC was founded in 1992 to make available to the public doctor-designed nutritional products that truly enhance health in ways that nothing else available does.* We are solely dedicated to putting health in your hands by offering you the exceptional brand of Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations products with friendly, helpful customer service and useful product information.

Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations® is the brand of unique, high-quality dietary supplements formulated by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD to help people experience the energy, vitality and sense of aliveness and joy that come with good health.* Stressful lifestyles, nutrient-poor food and reliance on stimulants like caffeine can drain your physical resources and make it harder for your body to recharge and maintain well-being. To truly contribute to health, dietary supplements must help replenish those resources and nourish, support, strengthen and promote optimal functioning of your body’s own health-building processes.* This is precisely what each of Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations products is designed to do.*

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