Product Testimonials

Here's what some of our customers have to say about our supplements:

So I am very grateful and I thank God that I found Dr Wilson's information and products. Also, I just purchased his book too. It is a blessing to have some answers to our health concerns. I really need a doctor to further help us so I'm using the list from your website and hope to find one. Thank you and have a great day! God bless you all! Marilyn P.

I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements and while they helped, none of them have helped like Dr. Wilson’s products. I feel alive again! Lana

I have used other adrenal support products in the past, but only Dr. Wilson’s products have made measurable impacts on how my clients feel. This is also supported by improved lab results and happy patients. I have since placed several of my patients on his adrenal support program with outstanding results. His adrenal products are far superior in performance to any others that I have tried on the market today. I am thoroughly pleased and look forward to serving many more patients with his excellent product line. Dr. April Darley, NMD

These vitamins are the best I have ever taken. In addition to reducing my coffee and sugar intake these are just the ticket!! Deborah

Me and my husband been using the adrenal products for a few months now. We started feeling overwhelmed by life events but with the products we have noticed better results than they were expecting and feel like we have a better baseline to work from. Nadine

I'm the general manager of a construction company and under an incredible amount of stress. I needed more than a break, and I found it when I read your book and started those supplements. I appreciate the fact that I have my life back. Thank you so much! Adrienne V. - Il.

Now that I am feeling so much better, I wanted to write and tell you that not a day went by that I was not grateful to you and your work. So when you give from your heart and soul, as you and Dr. Bieley do … and perhaps you don't always hear right away how your efforts are appreciated, know that with the swallowing of each and every supplement your work is being honored. Thank you so very much. Catherine P. – FL

I just wanted to say thanks! I am an RN and work in a busy Med Center. A few of the nurses and NPs there use your product and swear by it. Since I have been using it I noticed dramatic changes! All around I feel a ton better. I am so impressed by the results I share your products with everyone I can. Wendy R.

Thank you very much, and, by the way, I am feeling so much better that I cannot believe it. I am a new person and I am so happy that I got your book and your adrenal fatigue supplements. Susan V. – North Carolina

As a pharmacist this is a superior product line. I am very, very happy! David R. – Northern New England Compounding Pharmacy

I have been taking Dr. Wilson’s products for five months and I feel the best I have ever felt! Olivia S.

I am very confident in the integrity of all the products formulated by Dr. Wilson. I appreciate the opportunity we have to help our customers by suggesting the products you have available to us. Lynn – New Life Health Food Stores - AZ

I have been taking these products since May. I have a few setbacks here and there, but I am learning to be patient so that I can completely recover from this. Thank you very much. Shari H.

You have made a tremendous difference in my practice and your adrenal products are unmatched. Susan and staff at Community Drug Compounding

Please kiss Dr. Wilson for me and thank him for these wonderful products and book. Elizabeth J. – Oregon

Each program (mild, moderate, severe) is easy to follow.  Dr. Wilson tells you what products to take, how many and at what times. I have received great results and the blessing is that I have been able to help other customers. Debbie S. of Sun Life Health Foods

The products really do work. I am amazed! Dottie D. - FL

I will make it a point and already have told several people about Dr. Wilson's book and formulas and will recommend the formulas to my clients. I suffer from adrenal fatigue and am truly grateful for Dr. Wilson's formula!! Thank you for the support. Aaron C. - Live Well

I personally believe these products have saved my life!!! Paul T.

I just want you to know that Dr. Wilson’s adrenal products have changed my life and those of my patients. I first learned about the supplements from a patient of mine who had tried everything to feel better for years and nothing worked until she got on Dr. Wilson’s program. I feel great! I am so grateful to him – he is doing an absolutely wonderful thing for people.

I am so grateful for the great products you continue to put out on the market. You have an incredible sense for products that will allow people to maintain a healthy way of living, naturally. Thank you for your sincere dedication in developing new products and helping people. Marie W.

Your products are lifesaving and have helped me with what my adrenal fatigue. I have learned to eat right, control my stress, conserve energy and get the right vitamins. Thanks again. Joe R.

Your formulas certainly work for me! Better than anything else. Thank you for your dedication and for the excellent book which I have given out several times. Annette O.

I am so happy to have finally found a book like yours and your wonderful formulations! God bless you! Tamarah M.

What a wonderful product line – so many of our customers who use the adrenal products say that the products have made a huge positive change in their lives. They feel like new after using the adrenal formulas. Lorraine – New Life Health Food Stores - AZ

What a tremendous blessing to have found your products and, hopefully, spend the rest of my life feeling quite good. Great thanks to you for helping suffering victim of faulty adrenal glands.  Evelyn A. - CO

Thanks for your informative and updated website. I have been referring patients to it with good feedback regarding the information you have stored there. Kevin Hegewald, MD